Priscilla | Client Coordinator | Nicholas A. Papakyrikos CPA

Priscilla Fuentes

Client Excellence Coordinator

Direct Line: 617-415-5017
Phone: 617-415-5015 ext. 3

With a robust career trajectory in the transportation industry, Priscilla seamlessly transitioned into our team, bringing years of administrative support experience to her role. Her background is marked by orchestrating efficient and triumphant fulfillment of customer requirements, skillfully negotiating rates, and maintaining comprehensive documentation of all operations.

Driven by an unyielding commitment to empower clients on their journey towards financial independence, Priscilla embarked on this career path. Her mission revolves around fostering clear communication with clients, ensuring they grasp the significance of conveying vital information – an essential cornerstone in devising strategies tailored to their financial aspirations.

A distinctive attribute that sets Priscilla apart is her ability to immerse herself in clients' perspectives. This intrinsic empathy informs the guidance she offers, embodying the principle that genuine care is the catalyst for impactful collaboration. As the adage goes, "Nobody cares what you know until they know you care."

The most gratifying facet of Priscilla's role is witnessing the incremental progress of clients as they inch closer to achieving financial freedom. This profound sense of purpose propels her dedication each day.

Her choice to join our team is a testament to her desire to share the wealth of knowledge and experiences she has amassed throughout her career. This reciprocity allows her to not only contribute to the success of other motivated individuals but also to enrich her own skill set and perspectives.

Priscilla's description is a mirror reflection of her professional demeanor – cheerful, motivated, patient, and meticulous. She is a firm believer in seeing projects through to their completion, ensuring both the objectives and client satisfaction are impeccably achieved.

In her personal time, Priscilla revels in the thrill of discovering new destinations, immersing herself in creative endeavors, and nurturing her boundless curiosity.