Why we are different from other CPAs:

1. We are Proactive:

  • We get to know you and your business so that we can anticipate your needs
  • We will come up with ideas that benefit you
  • We will help you standout from your competition
  • We will connect you with other top professionals in their fields to build an amazing advisory team for you

2. We speak your language

  • Cash flow, profit improvement & competitive advantage
  • We explain our advice “business-ease” NOT “accountant or tech-ease”

3. We’ll keep you informed

  • We’ll plan our work together
  • We’ll let you know what we need from you
  • We’ll keep you updated on progress (you’ll never have to follow up with us)

4. We focus on straight talking

  • We’ll level with you and tell it like it is
  • We believe this is the best way to find solutions to any problems

5. We focus on providing good value to you and your business

  • Our fixed fee billing structure means “no surprise bills”
  • Makes it easy for our clients to see the value we provide

6. We get to know you

  • We understand you
  • We’ll ask questions about non accounting issues
  • We get to know you
  • We’ll understand you and your goals

7. We’ll make you feel special!

  • We believe that “CPA” also stands for “Close, personal attention”