Joe Colon | Senior Accountant | Nicholas A. Papakyrikos CPA

Joe Colon

Senior Accountant / Head of Bookkeeping

Direct Line: 617-415-5020
Phone: 617-415-5015 ext. 5

Joe has been in his current role at Nicholas A. Papakyrikos, CPA, PC for over two years. He previously worked as the controller for a small retail business with multiple locations, where he oversaw the company’s daily accounting and payrolls and helped to guide strategic financial decisions.

Joe loves helping clients keep more money in their pockets and helping to guide the ship that is their business. As a small business owner himself, he fully understands the intricacies behind a business' financial challenges and tax concerns.

Joe enjoys working with math and logic, and in his free time, he competes in games of strategy. He runs a competitive card-playing team that has won several national competitions.