Diosa Suello | Bookkeeper | Nicholas A. Papakyrikos CPA MA

Diosa Suello


E-mail: diosa@papakyrikoscpa.com

Diosa earned her Bachelor of Science in Management Accounting in 2018, equipping her with a strong educational foundation. Her diverse accounting background spans various sectors including logistics, hospitality, and insurance.

Diosa’s approach to client assistance revolves around fostering openness. By facilitating transparent communication and assessing the significance, immediacy, and value of conversations, she aids clients in achieving their objectives.

She has a proactive mindset and capacity to excel under pressure. She also excels in interpersonal dynamics and embraces continuous learning.

The most rewarding aspect of her role is its cross-industry nature, offering ample prospects for personal and professional development. Diosa is excited to contribute to the company's expansion in the coming years.

Described as a quick learner, spirited, and a sports enthusiast, she thrives as an ambivert. To unwind, she relishes in solo moments. Exploring new destinations and immersing herself in diverse cultures and traditions is a source of joy.

During her school years, Diosa was an avid volleyball player, and more recently, engaged in badminton. Her penchant for karaoke—a popular Filipino pastime—brings her happiness, although at times, the microphone doesn't seem to cooperate.