Litigation and Forensic Accounting

If you find yourself faced with compensation disputes, fraud investigations or at odds with the legal system, our trained forensic accountants can help you trace records that point to the truth.

Litigation Forensic Accounting | Nicholas A. Papakyrikos CPA

Our litigation and forensic accounting services.

  • Reconstruction of lost, damaged or missing records to help you obtain the most accurate representation of your organization’s financial status
  • Searches for “hidden assets” to help you identify assets that are misappropriated or not being fully disclosed
  • Financial analysis and modeling to determine and verify economic damages in support of or defense against legal claims to make sure all relevant facts are discovered
  • Expert witness testimony to support assertions made in our tax calculations that ensures a judge or jury completely understands the evidence supporting our client
  • Accurate and timely review of opposing party’s tax and financial records to provide an independent opinion of the representations made
  • Identifying inconsistencies and unusual items for our client’s benefit

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