Business Services

Empowering your business journey. When it comes to running a business, strategic planning is paramount. You should be working on your business just as much as you work in it. Entrust your vision to experts who navigate the ins and outs of business laws and strategies, freeing you to channel your energy into expanding your empire.

Business Management Services | Nicholas A. Papakyrikos CPA

We offer a wide range of business services

  • Strategic business tax planning, preparation, and IRS representation
  • Expertly crafted financial statements, performance analysis, and cash flow evaluation to uncover economic trends
  • Business blueprinting and goal-setting for the short and long term
  • Skillful negotiation support for bank loans, government initiatives, and funding avenues
  • Crafting attractive yet cost-effective employee benefit plans and retirement solutions
  • In-depth consultation on stock-based compensation, with specific attention to the "alternative minimum tax"
  • Knowledgeable guidance for business acquisitions or sales, complete with due diligence assessments
  • Designing user-friendly, informative accounting systems for your unique needs

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