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We believe that good advice provided in a timely manner often pays for itself in tax savings and avoidance of penalties and the ensuing deluge of notices and paperwork that may be received (and must be addressed). Taxpayers who file any of the forms or registrations linked to below on their own assume full responsibility for the consequences of their actions. We cannot and do not take responsibility for any errors or omission that you may experience by “doing it yourself” . We do offer a no-cost no-obligation 1 hour consultation and we will be glad to meet with you as soon as possible. Just visit our “Contact Us” page and send us an e-mail!.

However, for those visitors to our page that wish to do so, we provide the following links (which we do not represent to be all inclusive of everything you may need for your specific purposes):


If you begin a new business you may be required to register with various federal, state and local government agencies. You will need a federal tax identification number to open a bank account for your new business. New businesses in Massachusetts may find the following links helpful:

  • EIN - Apply for a federal tax identification number on line.
  • S Corporation Forms - Special note to corporations-You may find it to your advantage from a tax perspective to have your newly formed corporation recognized and taxed as a Subchapter “S” corporation. To do so you must file a request with the IRS before certain deadlines in order to make it effective from the inception of your business. Failure to do so may result in unfavorable tax consequences. You may request this status by filing IRS Form 2553 and following the instructions for that form.
  • Massachusetts Department of Revenue - Register your new business with the Massachusetts Department of Revenue (to collect sales, meals, income and other taxes and remit to the Commonwealth and other issues).
  • Massachusetts Unemployment Assistance - Register your new business, if you will have employees, with the Massachusetts Division of Unemployment Assistance