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Real Estate Accounting Services

Accounting and Financial

  • “Due diligence” reviews of investment property before you purchase to help verify financial records and owner assertions
  • Accurate and timely review of your sale of real estate to make sure you pay the lowest tax legally required
  • Detailed analysis and explanation of your real estate purchase to ensure that you are receiving all available legal tax deductions
  • Experienced advice on the complex tax laws applicable to rental real estate to make sure you do not pay more tax than required
  • Helping you properly handle the tax issues associated with the purchase or sale of your home to avoid costly errors
  • Consulting services to help you determine the best way to hold your investment real estate (Trust, LLC, Individually, etc) to obtain the maximum tax savings
  • Tax planning, consulting and return preparation for all real estate businesses, including residential and commercial real estate agents and brokers (with particular emphasis on the impact of the “alternative minimum tax”) , property management companies, builders and remodelers


Tax Guide for home sales Tax Guide for home sales (102 KB)

Tax guide for homeowners Tax guide for homeowners (227 KB)

Tax Guide for rental real estate Tax Guide for rental real estate (140 KB)